Pricing a job, whether it be window cleaning or any other service we offer, can be almost impossible without viewing. We almost always have to view the job/property before we can give an accurate quotation. However as a rough guide our prices are as follows:

Window cleaning

2 bedroom house £6 – £9
3 bedroom house £7.50 – £11
4 bedroom house £10 – £15

Gutter, fascia, soffit cleaning

Gutters cleaned out £0.75p – £1.50 per linear metre
Gutters cleaned out and cleaned externally along with fascia/soffit £1.50 – £3 per linear metre.
Gutter / fascia / soffit external clean only £1.25 – £2.25 per linear metre.

Conservatory roof clean

Small conservatory roof 3m x 3m from £25
Medium roof 3m x 4m from £35
Large roof 4m x 4m from £45

Driveway/patio cleaning

Generally the larger the job the lower the per metre2 price.
Small 2 car driveways from £40.
All work over 100 m2 is charged at £1.50 per m2
Re-sanding £1-£2 per m2
Resin sealing £2 per m2

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